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Harbon Ceramics is ceasing operation and all inventory has been sold to Captive Decals (aka Captive Illusion)

All inquiries may be directed to www.captivedecals.com

We thank you all for the many years of business.



As you browse through our pages you will find our online decal catalog displaying beautiful  "Crystal" and regular water slide Murals for Ceramic Tiles, plus a huge selection of top quality Ceramic Decals in every possible size, color, and description. Firing our decals in a kiln sets them into the glazed surface, giving a permanent, water proof  finish. If you would like someone to do this for you, please refer to our "Service Directory



This beautiful Panache mural measures 17 1/4" x 11 1/2". It is also available in Tray Size, plus 6" x 6" and 4" x 4". You will find them all listed on our online  "Decal Catalog" 
 We have lovely murals that are perfect for kitchens, baths, patios, table tops - any project you may have in mind. The possibilities are endless.
We feel sure you will enjoy shopping with the use of our online secure shopping cart.
A visit to our "Class Room"  will show you step by step, pictured instructions for the application and firing of our decals. You will also find Ceramic Projects  pictured in color, with full instructions for you to download.

Our "Service Directory" lists by state, businesses and individuals that offer the service of applying and firing our Ceramic Decals on tile. If you would like to be included in this listing, simply e-mail your information to bonnie@harbon.com There is no charge or obligation connected with this listing.

To find the latest additions to our site, check out the "What's New" area. We try to keep you informed of the newest Ceramic Decals on the market, plus any new addition to our site.

Our "Links"  page has some very interesting sites listed. Besides the Ceramic related links, you will find China Companies, "How to" sites,  and other really fun and informative worthwhile places to visit..

Our "Question & Answer" board is provided as a service  to anyone with a question pertaining to Ceramic Decals, or Ceramics in general. It's a great way to contact  fellow Ceramist. Help, and be helped by sharing your knowledge while finding answers to your questions. A friendly Hello, new idea, special event, new web site, items for sale, this is the place to post it

 The "Ceramic Shop" informs our local customers of the newest greenware available. 

Please sign our guest book if this is your first time here. Signing up for our Updates will keep you informed on what's new around here. 

 The "Ceramic Shop" informs our local customers of the newest greenware available.  

Please sign our guest book if this is your first time here. Signing up for our Updates will keep you informed on what's new around here. 


This Summer Symphony  is available in 9 sizes, perfect for your wall tile and matching accessories.
Details in our On Line 
 "Decal Catalog"

Stop by "Pricing & Discounts" for an explanation of our discount policy. You will also find all of our Ceramic Decal Catalogs listed there.

Check out our Bulletin Board for customers items for sale, special events, or  items wanted. These listings are free. Email me your information and I will post it for you.

This colorful Fruit Basket Mural has a total of 6 sizes to choose from. You will find full details listed on our online
"Decal Catalog"

There are now over 7,580  Ceramic Decals listed in our shopping cart. Enjoy!

Be sure to take a peek in our "Gallery".  Our Gallery is open to all Ceramic related or kiln fired endeavors. Anyone that has finished pieces they would like to share, pictures of your craft booths, rooms with murals on walls, sinks, etc., or a favorite ceramic project you have finished. We will post them in the gallery with any information you would like included.  It is so much fun to share your work, and to see the work of others in the Ceramic field. 
You will find all mailing addresses listed in our "Contact Us" page.

Don't forget to place your bookmark!!!

 Thanks for joining us. Bonnie & Harold Boven

We sell only top quality European Ceramic Decals. They are not recommended for surfaces to be used for food or drink. We stand behind our product, but must have a bill of sale for any unlikely defects found. We will not accept responsibility in any way for problems resulting from use or firing of our product.

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