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Gare Comment to Kathy

From: SandraFleming
Date: 16 Mar 2007
Time: 18:09:54
Remote Name:


I think you are being overly harsh in your critical remarks concerning Gare.

(by the by, I don't buy any Gare color products because I don't like their glazes, but that is a subject for another time)

But be fair in your comments. Mold companies have retired molds for years. Blocks get damaged or wear out or whatever. To bash a company for retiring their molds is unfair. To single out a single company for retiring their molds is especially unfair.

Yes, they could have leased their blocks to starlite or somebody else. But they didn't do that. They could have sold their blocks to another mold company, but they didnt do that either.

(and speaking of leasing mold designs or selling mold designs, there sure are a lot of other companies that have disappeared without selling or leasing their molds)

Have you ever thought that nobody wanted to pay enough for the Gare molds? Think about it. We all have been in the situation that we are selling something for $10 and some smartbutt customer says "if you drop the price to $2 I will buy it"

If I was Gare in such a situation and somebody was trying to low ball my asking price, I would dump the molds in the trash before I sold it for pennies.

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